Many business owners realize they need to be on social media but few actually see that it should be taken seriously in terms of what it can do for their business.  Since it does require time and effort, something business owners don’t really have,  they understandably see it as a waste of their time, or something anyone technology literate can manage, such as an intern or a student.
The truth is that while young people are very familiar with communicating through social channels,  using social media to market a business also requires a good dose of marketing knowledge they don’t really have.

When used strategically, these are some of the things you can do through social media channels:

• Interact with your prospects and customers
• Build awareness of your business
• Drive buyers to your website
• Grow a list of leads or subscribers
• Demonstrate your expertise, and  build your authority and influence
• Attract followers who will promote your message
• Promote events and special offers
• Find new customers
• Learn what your target audience wants
• Advertise to people who visited your website
Social media is here to stay. New networks arise constantly ( you don’t need to be in all of them), and more and more people are joining in. People love to share their views and opinions and social media provides an accessible outlet for that, at anytime through a device everyone keeps at arm’s length: their phones.
Marketing through social media can’t be ignored, it’s time you use social media strategically as a tool to grow your business.  If you need assistance in planning or executing your social media strategy, consider us a resource. Find more information on how professional social media services can help your business here ,  or to ask your questions or discuss what you could be doing for your specific case, get in touch here.