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First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

Today’s Consumer Will Get The First Impression of Your Business Based on Your Website.

Website design isn’t a task to be taken lightly.

Today’s consumer will get the first impression of your business based – almost exclusively – on your website.

Consider this:

• More than 90% of consumers will visit your website before calling, coming to your location or contacting you in any way.
• Your site only has a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention before they go browse somewhere else.
• Consumers will be browsing your website from their mobile phones
It’s hard enough to get your site to show up on top of the search results, and then have people click on it. You don’t want those visitors gone because the site didn’t speak to them.  It is vital to make the right first impression, get their attention, and get them to take the next step.

Put your website design in expert hands.

Start getting more visitors, more calls and more sales.



What Makes a Website Design Great?

Websites Look Great, Get Found, Build Brand Credibility, And Have the Information Your Buyer is Looking For.

An effective websites gets found, builds your brand credibility, has the information your buyer is interested in, and also a design that appeals to them.
The websites we develop…

Talk to Your Buyer

Too many times websites fail to communicate clearly what they do or whom they do it for, or use too much jargon or cliches, so they end up speaking to no one.  This causes people that find them to quickly leave the site. Our website design includes helping you improve your marketing message so it talks to your buyer, in a clear and concise way. We help you develop attention grabbing headlines, content that clearly communicates the value you provide,  and properly placed calls to action.


Get Found

By implementing SEO best practices into the website design, we make sure each page has its own purpose and context. We look for opportunities to naturally optimize your content with keywords based on your experience and research of what your buyers are searching for.

Build Your Brand

Most business owners – and even designers –  look at their competitor’s websites and then follow the same structure, and they end up with a look-alike website that blends in instead of standing out, making price the only differentiator for the consumer. We identify what makes you unique as well as your strengths, and incorporate it into your website design, looking for ways to break through the “noise” of your industry.

Are Easy To Navigate

People visiting your site for the first time from doing a Google search,  are looking to find the information they want relatively quickly, and if they don’t, they’ll be back on Google. We build websites with a navigation that’s easy to use, and also considers the path that a visitor might take to find the information they want, and this often includes having a few different ways for viewers to navigate.

Have a Great Looking Design

Our websites are meant to represent how remarkable your company is, and position your company’s expertise and high standards. We build your website on a WordPress platform, so you can easily update text and images where-ever and whenever you choose.

Use Responsive Design

We build all our websites so they adapt to the various screen sizes of desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. When viewed on a smartphone, they allow you to click on the phone number to call, or on the address for directions and map.

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Hosting and Domain

As authorized resellers of GoDaddy we can provide hosting for domains and websites for over 90% of all our clients. Hosting with us allows us to build your site easier, quicker and more cost effectively. It also allows us greater control and ease to manage your hosting and make changes as required.  Domains and hosting are property of our clients and they have full access and control.

Update Your Content With Ease

We build your site on the latest version of WordPress,  which allows for beautiful website design that is modern looking, and that you can  easily update text & images where-ever and whenever you choose.