Your Roadmap to Success

Strategy Before Tactics

Far too many -self proclaimed- marketers misuse the term strategy when they refer to tactics, or use the terms interchangeably as if it were the same.  They will talk about website strategy, email strategy, Facebook strategy and so on, when these are really marketing tactics that should support the strategy. The real issue is not so much that they are using the wrong term, but that they actually forget that there needs to be a strategy before the tactics, and not surprisingly, marketing efforts tend to be random and disconnected from one another, which leads to poor results.

Action Marketing Strategy Development Process

Your marketing strategy is based on your business goals, your sales cycle, an in-depth understanding of your target audience, and how your brand is positioned in the marketplace. Once all those elements are fully identified, it is time to determine what’s needed to accomplish those goals.

Strategic planning



your business goals

Your Business Goals

From our perspective your marketing goals depend on your business goals. It might be increasing foot traffic, increasing repeat sales, introducing a new product in the market, or improving your brand reputation.  It all starts with getting to know you and your business. Our process starts with a lot of listening. We have developed a handful of activities to simplify the process of learning about your goals, your history, industry, target audiences, strengths, and weaknesses.

marketing asessment

Marketing Assessment

Before developing and helping you implement a new action plan, we need to get you and your business,  The number one mistake small businesses make is to copy-cat their competition’s marketing materials, from the way their websites and ads look, to the way they explain what they do. This is how their business ends up pretty much blending in instead of standing out. To correct this, we start by performing an evaluation of your brand’s position in the marketplace, as well as an analysis of your competition. We then look for what makes your business unique, identifying differentiators that will set you apart from your competitors, positioning you as the best choice within your field.

marketing plan

Your Action Plan

We develop a game plan that includes the tactics, campaigns, and programs that will work in sync to help achieve your business goals.  Your plan of action is based on your business goals, and focused on building the positioning of your business as the best choice in the market place, at every stage of the sales cycle. Both for the short term, and the long run. It’s centered on helping you attract your dream customers, convert them and also delight them so they keep coming back and tell their friends.

marketing campaign


From short term fixes to long term programs to build your brand. Our campaigns and programs not only utilize the latest technology tools, but also offline traditional vehicles, to ensure that your message is getting out in the best, most engaging way possible, using the right channels at the right time, reaching your audience the way they want to be reached.

The moving parts include digital and offline media, such as websites, social media, direct mail, online and print ads, signage, events, promotional products, etc.

measure marketing results

Review Results

Market conditions are constantly evolving. This is why, knowing what’s working will allow you to tweak, and improve your marketing performance. You will also be able to break down the cost of new clients acquisition, and develop strategies to lower this cost, and over time, improve your ROI. Action will help you establish marketing performance parameters, implement tracking mechanisms, as well as monitor your results.