The influence of color on human behavior has fascinated many since ancient times, with the first studies about it being attributed to the early egyptians.

The fact is that a lot of information out there on the topic consists of anecdotal evidence more than scientific facts, because personal preferences, upbringing, cultural differences, context,  etc., play a major role on what colors mean to each of us.

However, although the influence of color can be different for each of us, formal studies show broad patterns of how color is perceived, and how it plays an important role in branding, as well as influencing purchasing intent, mostly associated with the “appropriateness” of the use of color, in other words, whether a color fits a brand’s industry or personality in the eyes of the consumer.

In order to help you pick the right colors for your brand and advertisements, our creatives have designed this infographic that summarizes the effect of the 9 major colors on marketing, as well a few major brands who use them.

Color in Advertising3

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