Will your business be working extended hours during the holiday season? If so you want to show it everywhere possible, and now you can also let those who find you on Google searches know about your extended hours, by taking advantage of Google’s recently introduced Holiday Hours feature for businesses to easily show their temporary schedules in their local business listings and maps.

We strongly recommend you take advantage of this feature, not only so your patrons are informed, but also to avoid Google’s own warning message showing next to your listing,  as published by Google: “If you search for a business and the holiday hours aren’t listed, you’ll see a warning message alerting you that the actual hours may be different because of the holiday.” Besides, it’s always good to keep your Google My Business page updated because, as we’ve mentioned many times, it helps get higher rankings by keeping your listing fresh.

One truly useful thing about this feature is that you can add as many special hours into the future as you want because they will show on your listing as the holiday comes closer, and will stop showing after it’s over. So you can enter all your holiday hours for the entire year, and your listing will always be up to date with the correct information.

We have listed how to set this up step by step, to make it as easy for you as possible to take advantage of this feature and show your holiday hours when potential customers come across your business listing in their searches.

How to List Your Holiday Hours on Your Google My Business Page

1. Log into your Google My Business dashboard and select the location to which you wish to add special holiday hours, click edit.

Step 1

2. On the “Location Details” page that displays next, scroll down to the “hours” and click click the little pencil to edit.


Step 2


3. On the on the pop-up screen click on “add another set of hours” as shown below.


Step 3




4. In this screen you’ll be able to set your special hours and the dates they are in effect. Enter the opening and closing times for each day,   indicate that the location is closed all day by clicking the box next to “Closed”, and if you are open 24 hours, enter 12:00am–12:00am. Make sure you save your changes before closing this screen.


Step 4


That’s it!

We hope this was helpful and if you need help with your Google My Business page or have questions about how to set it up or optimize it, or if you really need to worry about it, schedule a call with one of our consultants. We want to hear from you and are here to help!