It is a known fact that consumers turn to social media as part of their research on a company, and Facebook is on of their stops. They will see how many followers there are, recommendations left on the page, comments, etc.

Business owners know this, as recent studies show that 80% of businesses have a Facebook page. While most business owners recognize that being on Facebook can help their business promotion, they don’t quite know how to make it work or to be strategic about it, and end getting very little out of it. In an attempt to get on onboard with social media they end up making one or more of these common mistakes, which although they do apply to other Social Media Networks, we will focus specifically on Facebook this time, since seems to be the most popular network.

1. Lack of Activity
If you set up your Facebook page a while back but never did much with it, your page is incomplete, or you kept up for a while and then stopped and the last time you posted something was months ago, you must realize that consumers are still going to your page when they are considering doing business with you, and if they find a ghost town, you’ll risk them getting the impression that you are out of touch with the times, not interested in connecting with your customers, or even out of business.

2. Unrealistic Expectations
We’ve all seen time and time again social media campaigns that pop out of nowhere and go viral becoming an overnight success. However, that’s not the standard by any means. However, some business owners expect immediate engagement, or expect to generate sales from the offers they post, just by the mere act of posting.

This is just not realistic nor the way it works. Setting the right expectations is important and has to do with being strategic about how you’ll integrate social media into the rest of your marketing efforts.

3. Posting Content That’s Irrelevant to Your Business
Consumers expect to find information about your products and services, how you do business, your team, your values as a business, and your industry, and not so much about your personal life, or cool stuff you found on the internet that’s totally unrelated. Posting relevant content will have people liking, sharing and commenting, as opposed to content that doesn’t add up any value to them. The thing is that Facebook takes notice and is now measuring relevance as one of their criteria in showing posts on news feeds.
4. Not Interacting With Your Audience
Customers who are active on Facebook might feel compelled to leave a comment on your Facebook page after visiting your store, making a purchase, to complain, or any other reason. Not receiving a response will make them feel ignored, which is not a good thing.
5. Poor Graphics and Imagery
They say that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but guess what, we all do. If a visitor comes to your page and finds a cover photo that’s distorted to fit the area, or with low resolution, or has nothing to do with your business, they will not have a very good impression. Make sure images are clean, professional, and represent your brand properly. Same thing goes for your posts: be sure to use high-quality, interesting images for your social media posts so your updates look attractive, bright, and inviting.

6. Buying “Likes”
In an effort to have a ton of likes, some businesses hire services who offer like campaigns that guarantee an enormous amount of likes almost instantly. The trouble with this practice is that most are from fake profiles or people in some far away country, as opposed to your target audience, so you will have no interaction on your page, or anyone to market to. That’s not to say that you can do a like campaign that’s targeted to your audience, which will get your business in front of the right people, and hence is a good business practice.

The fact is that there are far more people interacting with Facebook than not, and the number is growing everyday; and those people expect your business to have a presence there, and they will judge you by what they see. So it will be beneficial to your business to maintain an active presence, and if you are not technologically inclined, or simply don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs,  you should look to hire a service, which will be less costly and a lot more efficient than doing it yourself or hiring an employee.

How about you? Are you making any of these mistakes?