Effective content marketing is achieved the same way perfect mac and cheese is: by getting the mix right.

Kraft has been getting it right for years and has been reaping the benefits as a result. As Advertising Age editor-at-large Jack Neff reports, the food giant earns four times as much ROI from its content marketing strategy as from targeted advertising. The practice started 18 years ago with the enterprise’s Food & Family magazine, which has since evolved from a free publication to paid circulation.

Kraft’s content marketing strategy identifies four basic content types and how much money and time to devote for each. While the mix may vary for individual companies, planning and strategizing in this manner is undoubtedly essential for content marketing to work.

The Content Revolution

Marketing experts have noted the shifting preference from traditional advertising to content marketing, particularly using the Internet. Statistics show that more companies are increasing their budgets for content marketing due to the latter’s successes. Right now, the allocation is still smaller than traditional advertising, but all signs point to content marketing eventually overtaking the former.

Content marketing succeeds primarily by disseminating information. By establishing your business as a reputable source of information, you can attract swathes of customers to your website, and in the process, expose them to the usefulness of your products and services.

Marketing Companies

Small and medium businesses can take a cue from these giant enterprises which have been successfully harnessing the rewards of content marketing. The practice, however, requires the expertise of seasoned professionals, which expert Internet Marketing Agencies such as Action Marketing Co., are able to provide.

With Internet applications constantly on the rise, smaller businesses are better off outsourcing their online marketing so quality content is developed and distributed though the proper channels,  performance is tracked and adjustments are make as needed. The right mix can quickly change in this dynamic field, and marketing experts can help businesses keep up with the rapid pace.

In particular, full service marketing companies are a better choice to implement content marketing tactics. A business looking for to improve rankings and traffic will benefit by getting the full scope of marketing components in one place, so everything is in sync, and social media, regular blog posting, off-line activities, and other marketing efforts, work together and support each other.  By centralizing its resource for content marketing needs, a company will be better assured of always getting the right mix in its marketing strategies.

(Source: Kraft Says It Gets Four Times Better ROI from Content Than Ads, Advertising Age, September 10, 2014)