Brand Development

What makes you different? How can you disrupt the current narrative and create interest in your brand? How can you make your perfect clients find you, and think to themselves, – I’d love to work with these guys! – That’s what we’ll do for you.


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Branding is not just about a good looking logo and consistent colors across all your marketing materials. Branding is all about positioning your business so your prospects recognize your brand as the best and logical choice within your field when they are looking for your products or services, regardless of price.

Your Brand Is Your Business Identity.

Every time a consumer is exposed to your company, there is an opportunity for a positive connection. You may not pay much attention to your brand but it is always on display. Your presence in the marketplace is positioned through your logo, your business cards, the way you talk about your business, the emails you send, your website, your Facebook page, the polo shirts your staff wears, the promotional pens that are floating around, and the list goes on and on. Having a consistent message, logo, colors, and design will help establish a cohesive brand identity in the marketplace, setting you apart from your competition.


How We Help

We have a knack for uncovering what makes your brand unique. Our job is to translate your business personality, and what you do into a graphic representation that not only captures the attention of the people you want to do business with, but also delivers your message clearly.

There are 3 major components of your Brand Identity:

Your Target Audience Profile

You can’t be all things to all people. Knowing exactly who your perfect buyer is, in great detail, is vital. You want to have a deep understanding on how they think, as well as what their challenges, concerns, and motivations are in terms of your product or service, and beyond. You may have more than one type of ideal customer, and it is important to understand each one in depth.

Action develops a detailed profile of each of your ideal customer segments. To know what motivates them to buy so we can develop messaging, and promotions that will attract and convert people from all the categories.

Marketing Key Message

Having an effective marketing message means the difference between marketing that works, and under-performing marketing. We develop an effective marketing message that taps into what’s important, and relevant to your target audience and makes them feel confident you are the best solution available in the market.

The first step towards creating your brand is developing your marketing message so that you can find and keep your most profitable clients. This is very important so your materials communicate what you do and who you help very clearly, so it connects with your target audience and moves them into action. We develop a powerful marketing message for your business that positions your business as the best choice within your field, with several versions including tag line for various purposes and media, helping implement it in all your marketing communications.


Visual Identity

From designing your new logo, determining your company colors, and the look and feel of your brand, our skilled designers translate your business personality, what you do, and how you want to be perceived into a unique professional graphic representation. Having it done professionally means you receive a comprehensive Brand Identity Package. This includes original files of your logo that meet industry standards format, as well as guidelines specifying your colors, fonts, style parameters, logo layouts, and other information, as well as tag lines and core marketing message. The purpose of this is that your staff can use the proper logo in the proper way when creating documents, and also supply vendors such as printers, web designers, and others to ensure the best logo reproduction and consistency across all your materials.