Building a brand is necessary and foundational to stand out in today’s noisy advertising landscape, and it’s especially challenging in some industries such as real estate,  with a very crowded marketplace where everyone uses the exact same marketing tactics, and their advertisements  look pretty much the same, to the point that you could just swap head shots and contact information and everything else is so generic that applies to all.  As we tell our realtor clients, they need to find ways to differentiate and be memorable, and stay top of mind. But when I first came across this ad I thought, well, this guy certainly accomplished to be memorable and differentiate…but in a very wrong way!

Having a rather unusual name he decided to craft a message around it…with a masturbation spin… So he came up with this ad that’s so outrageous that it was featured in Adweek at the time, in their “Adfreak” section.  It turns out he was fired from the realty company shortly after because of the ad, not surprisingly.

It is an old story but it makes such a great example of branding creativity gone wrong, that I could not resist sharing it, especially dedicated to my realtor friends!

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So remember, if you are looking for ways  to stand out in this crowded marketplace, talk to a professional!

You can find the original story here.

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