When it comes to website effectiveness, many business owners tend to focus on top page rankings, often overlooking the role their home page plays as a key piece of the puzzle. The thing is that rankings are just one step in getting more clients, an important one for sure, but paying to reach the top of google can be money down the drain if visitors leave your site without taking any kind of action.  At the end of the day,  conversions are what really counts, they are a must to stay in business.

In order to keep close tabs on your site’s visitor’s activity,  a good place to start is your Google Analytics report (which you do have installed on your website, right?).  Take a look at your bounce rate,  how long visitors are staying on your site, which pages they view most, etc. One major red flag is a high bounce rate, it clearly indicates that your home page is not communicating to your visitors from the get-go, and you need to do something about it right away.

Fortunately,  even small changes can increase conversions, so we put together these 7 tips that address common mistakes, to help you evaluate your home page, and take care of the changes you need to make.

Change the Headline

One of the most common reasons for site visitors to leave is a headline that doesn’t give them a reason to read more.  If the headline talks about how great you are, or lists your credentials, change it! Make it all about your audience: their reason for seeking your product and how you have the solution.  Think about your potential clients’ pain points and make that the title. For example, if you are a remodeler, one legitimate fear your audience may have is whether the job will take way longer than promised, or you might even disappear after they give the deposit. So your headline could be: Worried your kitchen remodeling will turn into a never-ending story?

Trim Down Information

One of the most sure-fire ways to drive people to leave your site, is having  just about everything you offer jammed up on the home page. Make sure the information is to the point, is broken down in a logical way, and organized in terms of what your visitors are looking for so they find it quickly.

Use Colors Thougthfuly

The effect of color in sales has been proven in many studies. Use the wrong color and you could be sending the wrong message subliminally. You can check the meaning of the major colors  in this infographic, so be sure that your colors work to support the message you intend to convey.

Use Video and Images Purposely

It is a fact that visual media gets attention, but not just any images and videos will do, so you want to make sure these have a clear purpose in reinforcing the message,  are  professional, and represent your business properly.

Include Clear Calls to Action

Tell your visitor what you want them to do: download a report, call for an appointment, request a quote. Make it clear and very visible. Don’t use the same stock buttons everybody else does. Be sure you test the shape, wording, placement and colors of your calls to action buttons.

Test Everything 

Test each and every element of your home page, as this is where most of your visitors enter your site. One single word change can stimulate visitors to take action. Simply because you like something doesn’t mean it will convert. Test and be ruthless when it comes to conversion optimization. Use A/B tests, as they are less onerous to run and can give you quick results.

Check Performance Regularly

Stay on top of how everything is working on your site. Take some time at least once a month and check the bounce rate, visitor flow, time on the site, etc, so you can monitor results and compare to the conversions you are getting,  and make adjustments.  Make sure your decisions are based on data, and not “gut feelings” or emotion.

If you are not getting as many leads as you thinik you should in terms as the number of vistors, chances sure your home page needs some adjustmens. If you don’t have the time to get into this, get in touch, we are here to help!


Photo by Nokhoog Buchachon,  FreeDigitalPhotos.net