We live in an increasingly digital world these days having instant access to information on anything. We expect to find what we’re looking for in a snap, your prospects included. If your website is not quite as functional as your competitor’s, you are at a disadvantage, and you need to pay attention to this. You might not need to replace your current site with a whole new one, but just make some changes to improve it’s functionality, or update the content to make it more functional and get your visitors to take action. But it might be time for a new website all together.

If you have been considering getting a new website developed, but are not quite sure if you really need to make the investment, here are some facts that will help you determine if it’s necessary.

1. You are embarrassed by your website
You know your website doesn’t look great and it doesn’t represent your business the way you want to. Or the information on it is totally outdated. Or you built it yourself and you could never get it to work properly. If this is the case it’s time for a website that will do it’s job.

2. Your website is built entirely with flash or other animation software
It might even have sound effects…These type of sites were state-of-the-art several years ago and came with a high price tag, but they are all show, an outdated one rather, they have no content and hardly rank at all. They also don’t work when accessed though a phone and some times even a tablet. You definitely need a new website if yours is one of these.

3. You built it yourself using a free website builder template
There are a lot of options out there when it comes to free sites that look pretty nice. The drawback is that they show the website’s company logo and they advertise the fact that it’s a free website in order to drive new users for them. This is totally counter-productive, once you manage to get a visitor on your website the last thing you want is for them to be distracted by other companies advertisements. Your website’s job is to promote your business, not someone else’s business.

4. Your website doesn’t work properly
If your site is very slow to load taking more than 3 seconds your visitors will leave, as studies show. Or if you had third party tools installed when it was first built that don’t work anymore, such as a search function or a shopping cart. Or if the navigation is confusing, or there are pages that are not properly linked. These type of issues cause the website to not be functional for visitors who will just leave your site.

5. Your website doesn’t adapt to mobile screens
The amount of people who search for a business from their phone is growing exponentially. Recent studies show that more than 17% of all web traffic comes form mobile devices, and 88% of consumers that search for a type of business on their phone call or visit that business within 24 hours. In addition to that, google search on mobile shows sites that are responsive above those that are not. So not having a responsive site is enough of a reason for redoing your website, especially if you are a local type of business.

6. Your competitors’ sites are a whole lot better
Most people will make a judgement on your business credibility based on your website, in fact a recent study at Stanford University showed that 75% of users admitted to making a judgement on a business credibility based on their website. If compared to yours, your competitor’s site looks brighter, loads faster, is better organized, and provides clear information about products and services, prospective customers will leave your site, if they actually find it, and end up doing business with them. And you might even be better than them but your site doesn’t communicate it.

Your website is your single most important marketing piece, and there is not getting around this. If your site has even just one of these issues is time for a new one if you want to stay in the game. Your website development isn’t a task to take lightly. It not only requires expertise in function and design to build it, but also how to approach your target market and what kind of information needs to be in it to get them to choose to do business with you. Getting a new website requires a great deal of thought, time and even money but this doesn’t necessarily mean braking the bank, since you’ll get your investment back many times over.

If you need help in deciding what kind of website will work best for your business and your budget we can help. Contact us and get started on getting your website to do it’s sales job.