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Strategy Before Tactics

Far too many new age marketers misuse the term strategy when they refer to tactics, or use the terms interchangeably as if it were the same.  They will talk about website strategy, email strategy, Facebook strategy and so on, when these are really marketing tactics that should support the strategy. The real issue is not so much that they are using the wrong term, but that they actually forget that there needs to be a strategy before the tactics, and not surprisingly, marketing efforts tend to be random and disconnected from one another, which leads to poor results.

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Profit From Strategic Social Media

Social Media has changed dramatically how people communicate, and is here to stay. That’s why it’s wise to invest in a strategic approach, that will help…

• Expose Your Business to The Right Audience
• Increase Qualified Website Traffic
• Grow Your Email List
• Generate Qualified Leads
• Get to Know What Your Customers Want
• Sell More

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10 Quick LinkedIn Tips You Want to Know

10 Quick LinkedIn Tips You Want to Know

LinkedIn is one of the top social networks out there for business professionals which makes it a great place for finding qualified leads and eventually new business.  Just like any other marketing activity, especially social media related, it takes time, work and most importantly, a planned approach.  Although there are a ton of useful features with the free level, LinkedIn’s paid level offers even more valuable features when it comes to being able to reach it’s database and communicate with prospects you are interested in. The best way to mine LinkedIn for leads and sales is to get active in there. In order to help you get going with that, we found these 10 great LinkedIn tips. 10 LinkedIn Tips to Get More Visibility and Leads Customize your URL – Maker sure you change your LinkedIn URL to coincide with your company’s name or online handle. Stay consistent with other social properties if at all possible. Create a Profile Badge – Add a LinkedIn badge on your site or blog. It will help add to your connections and site authority. There are a couple of different designs to choose from. Optimize Your Company Page – Complete and take advantage of all the features available when it comes to your company page. You definitely want to make a brand statement. Get Skill Endorsements – List your skills when you complete your profile, as many of your connections will not hesitate to make the one + click needed to give you an endorsement. Join and Participate in LinkedIn Groups – Contributing to LinkedIn groups provides you with a couple of great advantages: the ability to send direct messages to members of the group who you are... read more




In today’s complex marketplace strategic planning is a must. We start with a lot of listening, to get to know you, your business, and your customers. 


Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing. It must be built with your ideal clients in mind to grab their attention, and  make them take the next step.


Your prospects are searching, asking for opinions, making recommendations. Getting exposure, attracting and connecting is an ongoing process, not a one time shot.


Traditional is how we started, so we know it well. Print, signage and promotional products still have a place in today’s digital age. No need to deal with multiple vendors.

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… I want to express my sincere thanks for your help and partnership in developing the marketing plan for my business. Even though your professional services do matter a great deal, it is the genuine partnership and care that I appreciate the most from your involvement in building my business. I can see now that I am hitting the market that I have the confidence that I’m going in the right direction because I see it’s working. ” 

- Dr. Shelly Cameron

Cameron, Calder & Associates

Thank you for all your work to create a brand for our new organization and quickly establish it in the community. You fully grasped our concept and vision immediately, and this understanding of our business has been the single most extraordinary part of your value as a marketing company.  You “clicked” with it, and quickly laid the ground work to constantly build our brand and create mass public awareness, while keeping our costs down. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

-William Riddle

Venetian Arts Society

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